Ricky Rivas Photography

Ricky Rivas Photography

"You might say Emilie was born to launch her small-batch cereal company, Daughter’s Granola."

- The Wall Street Journal

I've had granola with yogurt for breakfast just about every morning since I was a kid. For most that time, it was the granola made at my parents' restaurant in Fish Creek, Wisconsin, The White Gull Inn

When I moved to California, I couldn't last on the occasional bags I would bring back from the inn, so I started to make my own. I couldn't believe that I could buy fresh nuts at the farmer's market, as well as whole grains and more fruits than I had ever seen ripe at the same time. I went to work on creating my own granolas to sustain me, and that's how Daughter's Granola began. 

My two original blends are named for the place I am from and the place I live now, Door County, Wisconsin, and Orange County, California. Each blend features my favorite ingredients from these two areas.

Because there is no way to capture all the great possibilities for granola in just two varieties, I also produce a special limited edition blend each month for the Daughter's Granola of the Month Club. Consider becoming a member or gifting a membership to your crunchiest loved one. 

- Emilie, Proprietor